A Show With Some Variety

   Most days and nights, UMPI has some kind of activity or event going on. This could be something like a sports game or a snow globe event or stand-up comedy. UMPI has a variety of things happening on campus almost daily. 

     Speaking of variety, UMPI held a Variety Show on Thursday, March 30. The Variety Show was held in the Gauvin Family Center for Cultural Arts (Wieden). As the name implies, there were a variety of performances. There were some people who danced. Others played instruments and sang. One student, Ricky Goupille, even got up on stage and listed off information about playoff games for former NFL quarterback Tom Brady. There was a very warm and supportive atmosphere.  Ricky summed up the community feeling, saying, “It was interesting taking the stage knowing that I was sort of performing for them. Surprisingly, I wasn’t very nervous and really enjoyed it.”

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Changing Times for Women Suffering From Postpartum Depression and Pregnancy Loss

     Emily Buddemeyer, age 21, who lives in Porter, Maine, had a rough pregnancy. Shortly before that, she had a miscarriage. She had a delivery that quickly turned into her almost losing her life. This was not once, but twice within the first few days after giving birth. She also had a hard time mentally and emotionally in the following few months after the birth of her son, Miles. Her story is on the extreme end of what a woman goes through bringing children into the world. But even women who have very minimal problems conceiving, carrying the pregnancy to term and having a healthy delivery can experience anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy.

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Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographers Freeze Impactful Moments

     From tragedy to triumph, the documentary “A Glimpse of Life: The Pulitzer Photos” features Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalists. They share the stories behind the iconic photos that won them the highest award in journalism. 

      To win a Pulitzer Prize for photography, the photo must be distinguished according to the Pulitzer Prize Board. According to Pulitzer Prize winner William Snyder, however, there’s more. “It’s not a photography contest. It’s about telling some of the biggest stories of the year.” 

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The Moments in Time That Make a Great Photojournalist 

   Eddie Adams, a Pulitzer Prize photojournalist, once observed, “The most powerful weapon that we have in the world is a still photograph.”  A great photograph speaks volumes. It captures events, emotions, people and life. A great photojournalist will get in the midst of it, no matter the circumstances. They keep themselves acutely aware and attuned to their environment. Their cameras are constantly clicking. They know that their job – their duty and purpose – is to capture compelling moments in time that tell an incredible story for all to see. No matter how joyful, dangerous or horrific it may be. 

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A Word From the Editor

Dear Folks,  

    I hope that you are all doing well. You may have noticed that I am a new editor for this issue of the University Times school newspaper. I will be one of three new editors as the semester continues its journey until May.   

   As the nineth week of the semester approaches us, students may be having more challenges. As a first-time editor, I have felt a little out of my element. The motivation that pushes us past these challenges, however, is not slowing down. Instead, our motivation is becoming more concentrated from all we have learned. And if that is not actually the case, we still have spring break to count on.  

  Stay strong, folks, and remember to make your own fun along the way! 

     – Megan Waceken 

Megan Waceken, editor

The Climate Crisis and the Spirit of ‘Dirigo’- Mainers do not shy away from catastrophe. Instead, they lead the charge against it.

  “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” People coined this phrase in the 1930s when they noticed that election results from Maine were an effective way of predicting the national outcome. Maine has been a leader in the United States since breaking from Massachusetts in 1820. As Kelley Bouchard wrote in the Portland Press Herald, “In the 1850s, Maine spearheaded the temperance or prohibition movement, was a leader in the fight against slavery and helped to form the fledgling Republican Party….” The state’s motto sums it up exactly: “Dirigo” is Latin for “to lead” or “to direct.” Maine is the first state to see sunlight in the morning.  It literally leads the nation into each day. 

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In the Future, We’re ‘Sandwiched’

     Are you part of what people call the “sandwich generation”? Do you give money to your grown children or your parents? Do you feel pulled in different directions when you take care of your family? The sandwich generation is people who must care for their adult family. This can be a hard job. But it can also be worth it. 

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Composting to Protect Maine’s Environment – Food waste threatens every part of Maine’s environment. Compost can defeat it.

     How often do you think about decomposing plant matter? Mark King thinks about it a lot. King is an Organics Waste Specialist with the Division of Materials in the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Decomposing plant matter matters because it can cause much harm to the environment. It threatens the land, air and waterways in Maine and all over the country. King and many other Mainers are working to protect Maine from this threat. 

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Mainely Mexican – A Taste of the South Way Up North

     Although the Presque Isle area isn’t renowned for its diverse selection of cultural dining, a select few establishments stand out from the crowd of chain restaurants. One of these restaurants is Mainely Mexican, located at 6 State Road. You can sample classic entrees such as enchiladas and chimichangas or their specialties like the Mexican spiced rib eye or the lobster taco. This restaurant offers a variety of Mexican dining that other places in the local area do not provide.

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