A Mind-Blowing Experience

     Ever heard of the Mentalist Duo? Do you know what a mentalist does? If you answered NO, then you probably should have gone to check the Evasons Mentalist Duo April 19 here on campus.

     A feeling of mystery and the supernatural was above UMPI when the Evasons Mentalist Duo made its appearance for the first time here at our university. The Evasons are a more than 30-year-long married couple that has done shows for a living for many years now all around the States and Canada. UMPI was the northern-most U.S. destination they ever performed, and as they said during the show, “UMPI is amazing.” The Duo made an early impression on that day at the Kelly Commons, were they showcased their talent to the students who were having lunch there. Continue reading “A Mind-Blowing Experience”

An Event to Never Forget

Dr. Herzog and Evan Zarkadas After the Presentation

     April 12 is designated as Holocaust Remembrance Day here in the United States. When the word “Holocaust” comes to our minds, we immediately think of the World War II atrocities against the minorities in Nazi Germany. The word Holocaust is associated with the terms Hitler, Jews, Concentration Camps, pain, misfortune and the most important “REMEMBER to Never Forget.” Continue reading “An Event to Never Forget”

Gender Roles in Mythology

Picture from the presentation Gender Roles in Mythology

     What would be the first thing that comes to mind when we discuss Greek mythology and gender roles? Well, a group of students answered that question during University Day.  Michael Dobbs, Connor Murphy and Katherine Asam tried to explain and understand the gender roles of ancient Greek society throughout the source of mythology and the different myths that portray the nature of gender roles. Continue reading “Gender Roles in Mythology”

Artist as Teacher: From Paintings and Prints to Puppets

Puppets displayed at the show.

     Being part of the First Friday Art Walk, the Reed Art Gallery hosted the well-known artist Carolyn Wadman. Wadman is a lifelong educator with a seemingly unlimited amount of exhibitions, shows and artistic endeavors all over the States. She has taught classes for the U.S. Army and she spent many years at the Limestone Community School, where she created the first art program. Continue reading “Artist as Teacher: From Paintings and Prints to Puppets”

Russian Investigation now comes to UMPI

President Rice with President Putin

     U.S. law enforcement, under the instructions of  the Supreme Court, are investigating new links between UMPI and Russia, as part of the broader investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential election of 2016.

     Sources from Washington, D.C., and the Kremlin have reported intervention between the administration at UMPI and the secret service of the royal Imperial Russian special forces. Continue reading “Russian Investigation now comes to UMPI”

A Non-Mainer’s Expedition in Northern Maine

A moment at the race

      A couple days ago, a non-Mainer was looking over a cultural map of Maine’s Aroostook County.  A title seemed to jump of the page and with a quite interesting theme: “CAN-AM Crown International Sled Dog Race.”

     Immediately he went to ask his friend who is from St. Agatha about the festival and what it is all about. His friend, Adam Weyeneth, said, “Yeah, I know the festival.  It’s close to where I live.  We could go if you want to?” Continue reading “A Non-Mainer’s Expedition in Northern Maine”

The History Club on Black History Month

Dr. Zaborney on the presentation

    February is designated as American Black History Month.  That’s when organizations and universities all over the States celebrate African American history in various ways and activities. To commemorate and honor African-American heritage and History Month, the UMPI History Club decided to dedicate a seminar on Thursday, February 22.  At the event their presence showed students, but also faculty and community members, the true meaning and empowerment of accurately learning our history. Continue reading “The History Club on Black History Month”

Kevin Is Fulbright

Dr. McCartney, picture from the event promotion

    If UMPI has something to be proud of, it is surely its faculty.  An UMPI faculty member once more proves that our university is thriving, and not just for its students’ work.   Its academic and intellectual faculty are no less a living proof that dreams can come true if you really try to follow them. Continue reading “Kevin Is Fulbright”

‘Unfolding’ and Creating Lasting Memories

Dialogue, graphite, colored pencil and pastel on paper, 46_ x 42_ , 2018

    On a very cold and peaceful evening, the Reed Art Gallery at UMPI had a very special guest from far away. Friday, Feb. 2, was the First Friday Art Walk, hosted in part at the Reed Art Gallery on the second floor of the UMPI CIL. The artist presented was Jennifer Leigh Jones from Texas. The opening reception was full of enthusiasm and many art lovers who gave a warm welcome to the featured artist and her impressive exhibition that will be on display until March 16, 2018. Continue reading “‘Unfolding’ and Creating Lasting Memories”