Season of Change

UMPI_s Emily Ward attacks the ball in victorious 3-0 game vs. Unity on Oct.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle’s women’s soccer team faced what could have been a major setback mid-season. Last season former coach, Trevor Parent, announced his resignation. Rallying together after the announcement, the team members pushed through a series of changes. Dan Kane, UMPI’s athletic director and head coach of the men’s basketball team, was there for the women when the news broke. Assuring the team that a temporary coaching staff would be assembled, Kane eagerly got to work. Continue reading “Season of Change”

A Glimpse of Life: Words Painting a Picture

Photojournalism is a more than snapping pictures on your smartphone and editing them on some Photoshop app. Not only do people have to be up to date with current events going on around the globe, but they must be willing to make sacrifices. Capturing the perfect shot can be difficult.  Photojournalists may find themselves face-to-face with gut-wrenching sights. Continue reading “A Glimpse of Life: Words Painting a Picture”

Cold Enough for You?


Life in northern Maine during the winter months can be brutal. With highs that sometimes don’t reach double digits, stepping outside can be a hard task. But for college students, attending school in a colder region could be leading them to earn better grades. Even if they have to put on 10 layers of clothing to go outside, most are up to the task. Students attending the University of Maine at Presque Isle are quite familiar with this process. Continue reading “Cold Enough for You?”