All The President’s Men

Picture open windows, green grass and birds singing in the trees—suddenly a phone rings— “Woodward fumbled for the receiver and snapped awake.  The city editor of the Washington Post was on the line.  Five men had been arrested earlier that morning in a burglary attempt Democratic headquarters, carrying photographic equipment and electronic gear [can you hear the noise like a needle dragged quickly across a spinning record?].  Could he come in?” Continue reading “All The President’s Men”

All The President’s Men

The Movie, “All the President’s men” focused on the Watergate scandal during President Nixon’s time in office. The movie focuses on two reporters who, originally, weren’t close and wanted to be able to get up in the ranks at the Washington Post (their newspaper company). As the movie progresses the two are placed on the original scandal thinking it was going to be a little story that was going to amount to nothing.
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The Truth Will Set You Free

All the President’s Men is a film about the Watergate scandal.  It follows the story of Woodward and Bernstein, two journalists writing for the Washington Post.  The film highlights the struggles journalists face when covering sensitive topics.  While Woodward and Bernstein work tirelessly in pursuit of the truth, it seems that several forces work against them.  
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A Convocation Carnival

Convocation is something that the UMPI campus looks forward to every year. It’s a time to welcome the new students to the UMPI family, and it gives returning students a chance to reconnect with faculty, staff and fellow classmates. Usually, the event involves a ceremony welcoming incoming freshmen, followed by a barbeque on the campus lawn. Next year, however, they’re doing things a little differently. Continue reading “A Convocation Carnival”

Growth, Collaboration, Inclusion… and the Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Grammar!

Most American colleges and universities today are facing difficult choices about how they should allocate—or reallocate—increasingly challenged resources, both in human and fiscal terms, and more broadly, what they will do as an institution of higher learning and how they will do it.  We are fortunate in that, beginning with President Linda Schott, we initiated a process of taking charge of our own institutional destiny—this included both embracing outcomes-based or proficiency education as it is known in Maine as a means of differentiating our academic mission and practices and of addressing critical student success challenges—but also in terms of making conscious and forward-thinking choices in terms of both our budget and infrastructure.  Since her departure, it has been my mission both to accelerate and reinforce these processes as I view them as essential toward not merely meeting our current fiscal and educational responsibilities—but ensuring that our institution is best prepared in terms of its own internal processes and relationships to meet the future needs of our students and the communities we serve.  Continue reading “Growth, Collaboration, Inclusion… and the Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Grammar!”

Art Is the Transformation of Identity

Jessalyn Levesque is a mixed media artist who focuses on drawing, painting, sculpture, performance and photography. She originally comes from Missoula, Montana, and moved to the East Coast in her senior year of high school. She spent five years and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Continue reading “Art Is the Transformation of Identity”

Robots Will Be Making Your Pizza Starting Fall Semester

How would you feel about robots replacing the staff in the Kelly Commons cafeteria? This is becoming a real thing at the University of Maine at Presque Isle in the fall of 2017. Instead of handing your student ID to a real person, you’ll be swiping it in a computer to gain access to the cafeteria. Continue reading “Robots Will Be Making Your Pizza Starting Fall Semester”