Waiting for a Place to Call Home

Maria, lounging in her cage and taking in all the love.

Are you a dog or a cat person? Some people like cats. Some people like dogs. Others just love animals. If you love animals who are sweet, affectionate and beautiful, meet Maria. Maria is a 3-year-old tri-tiger who was brought in as a stray in September.

“She’s a really sweet girl,” Betsy Hallett, manager of the Central Aroostook Humane Society, said. Continue reading “Waiting for a Place to Call Home”

Are You Going to U Day?

A day for UMPI to shine, University Day allows students to share what they’ve been working so hard on with an audience. In addition, it allows community members to immerse themselves in what the University of Maine at Presque Isle does every day. Many unique and interesting presentation happen throughout the day that students put lots of effort and time into.  Fellow students and community members are invited to watch. Continue reading “Are You Going to U Day?”

Globetrotting From Greece to the States


At 15 years old, Evan Zarkadas boarded an airplane in Greece. A new chapter in his life had begun. Greece had been the place Evan had called home.

Alongside Evan were his father, mother and brother as they entered an airport in Athens.  Evan pulled nothing more than a large suitcase behind him, which held all his possessions. They were leaving everything in Greece. Anything Evan and his family couldn’t fit had been donated or sold. Continue reading “Globetrotting From Greece to the States”

Don’t Touch My Hair

Frida Kahlo by Jemima Bean, age 10.

Jemima is 10 years old. She points to the computer screen, tapping on a black sweatshirt with bold, white letters. “This is the one I want. It says, ‘Don’t Touch My Hair.’ I get tired of telling people to stop.” Today, Jemima’s hair is braided into long, ombré braids. They fade from black to blonde and look, “Just like Beyoncé’s!” Jemima beams. She says it took her mom 14 hours of braiding to put them in. You can tell she is proud of her mom. Turning back to the screen she checks to make sure her size is in stock. It is. Her grandma gave her $50 for Christmas, and this is the purchase she is most excited to make. Continue reading “Don’t Touch My Hair”

From Russia With Love

Moscow at night

Putin. Vodka. Bears. When most people hear “Russia,” they think of these things. Turn on the news or browse the web, and you’ll read about the latest and most terrible thing Russia has done. All people and all countries have some skeletons in their closet. Some have some bodies on the floor. But the government of a country isn’t always what the people are. Many people in the States honestly believe that all Russians must want to leave Russia or are brainwashed. No “good” person could possibly want to stay in that frozen wasteland! Continue reading “From Russia With Love”

Dixie: Sniffing Her Way Into the Hearts of Many

Dixie looks out to the window, curious about the world around her

Everyone’s heard the saying “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” And they are rightfully so. Dogs are loving, loyal, fun, adventurous and, of course, adorable. There are thousands of dogs across the country looking for a best friend and a forever home. One of these dogs is Dixie. Continue reading “Dixie: Sniffing Her Way Into the Hearts of Many”

Coins, Cards and So Much More

Sherer’s collection fills more than 10 large display cases. The cases are filled with collectables ranging from antique silver dollars to Mookie Betts rookie cards.

Icy winds on an early February Sunday could not stop collectors as they met for the monthly Coin and Card Show.  James Scherer hosts the event at the Hampton Inn.  It takes 10 large display cases to show off his collection, ranging from sports cards to silver bars.  And it wouild likely take libraries to contain his knowledge of collectibles.  Scherer’s amassed his knowledge during a lifetime of trading of cards and collectibles.  He’s done this as a hobby.  He’s also done it for a living.  You may have seen him at the Aroostook Centre Mall. Continue reading “Coins, Cards and So Much More”

Daughters Affected by Breast Cancer “She’s Still your Mom”

The sad truth is that we all will lose someone close to us in our lifetimes. Unfortunately, this happens to many when they are young and ill prepared. What is one of the most difficult things to go through is having to care for ill parents after they’ve taken care of us for so many years. How can we bear to have to see our role models on that downward spiral into poor health? Continue reading “Daughters Affected by Breast Cancer “She’s Still your Mom””