Astronomy in Aroostook County

Hello everyone and welcome to the University of Maine at Presque Isle.  If you are interested in astronomy, we have several treats for you in and around the Presque Isle area.  The University Times runs this ongoing article about astronomy and the university has an astronomy club that works closely with the local Aroostook County Astronomy Club to provide educational opportunities and occasional observing nights throughout the year. Continue reading “Astronomy in Aroostook County”

TRIO College Access Services Offers Opportunities for Career/Resume Builders

Katherine Waldron, Jesse Dixon, Austin Daniels, Danette Madore, Matt Theriault, Sarah Holbrook, Megan McKnight and Morgan Swan.

Do you need a place to practice those skills you’re learning in your classrooms? How about a work experience placement? Or a job for next summer? Check out the TRIO College Access Services office right here on campus!

This past summer we had six current UMPI students or recent graduates working in live-in positions as our residence director and counselor/tutors, who perform duties like those of both a resident assistant and a teaching assistant. Continue reading “TRIO College Access Services Offers Opportunities for Career/Resume Builders”

Welcome Back From the Houlton Higher Education Center!

The staff at the Houlton Higher Education Center would like to welcome all new and returning students for the fall 2017 semester!  The HHEC is an off-site location of UMPI and houses a unique partnership between UMPI and University College at Houlton (one of eight UC centers for the University of Maine System).  The center strives to deliver seamless education/training opportunities for southern Aroostook County.  We offer a local connection to degree programs and services of the university in a collaborative space that engages students to learn together in a supportive and motivational environment.

We wish all students and faculty a successful year!

Summer 2017

 Hello everyone.  It is time to get ready for the summer.  After this winter, I am sure you are ready for warn summer nights.  I know I am.  Listed below are the events that will be happening in the skies above our heads this summer.

    Probably the best way to keep up to date on astronomical events would be to join the UMPI/Aroostook County Astronomy Club’s Facebook page.  This page will provide you with interesting astronomy articles and information on upcoming astronomical events and club activities. Continue reading “Summer 2017”

Preserving Theater for All

A crowd stands outside the theater entrance.  Soon, a stage crew member opens the doors.  They say, “Come in.  Enjoy the show.”  People walk inside UMPI’s Wieden Auditorium and find their seats.  Not long afterwards, the room goes dark and the stage lights up.  Performers then give the audience members an experience that won’t be forgetten anytime soon. Continue reading “Preserving Theater for All”

The Start of a Great Adventure

Spring is always an exciting time. Classes are winding down for the semester, seniors are getting ready to graduate, either from high school or college, and there is a general feeling of anticipation for summer. This year, there is one more reason to be excited. Dr. Jacqui Lowman, a professor at UMPI, has finally set out on her Appalachian Trail Adventure. Continue reading “The Start of a Great Adventure”

In the End…Everything Matters

We are now in a world where we use the phrase “binge watching” in our everyday vocabulary. When we hear this, we usually know that someone is binge watching a certain TV show. We spend hours and hours watching something until the season, or seasons, are over. In the time that we could be doing homework or other activities, we choose to binge watch an entire show in one day. Netflix has become a main source of material for binge watching. They come out with original series that have whole seasons, and we spend our day wasted away on that certain show. There is a new show on Netflix that is definitely binge worthy, and brings up an important topic that we may not think about as much as we should. Continue reading “In the End…Everything Matters”

April 28 and 29 – International Astronomy Day events

Astronomy Day was first celebrated on California in 1973.  It was developed as a program to share information about astronomy with the general public.  In 1973, astronomy day was only held in the fall.  Today, it is held in the fall and the spring.

This year’s Spring International Astronomy Day is scheduled for April 29.  Throughout the world, thousands of people will have an opportunity to learn about astronomy and, weather permitting, look through telescopes at the sun and the nighttime sky.  These events are sponsored by groups such as astronomy clubs, observatories, planetariums, libraries and other entities that promote astronomy and space science. Continue reading “April 28 and 29 – International Astronomy Day events”