Student Leads the Discovery of Aroostook County’s Lost Town

What is Maysville? Thanks to UMPI student Evan Zarkadas and mentor Kim Sebold’s University Day presentation, we now know that Maysville was a town across from Presque Isle. Maysville was first settled in 1816 and was annexed into Presque Isle in 1883. Through research, Zarkadas learned about the history of the pioneers and infrastructure of Maysville. “You travel through Maysville every day,” Zarkadas said. Continue reading “Student Leads the Discovery of Aroostook County’s Lost Town”

Writers Without Margins Gives Four Ex-Cons a Voice

Creative writing positively benefits mental and physical health. Writers Without Margins is a non-profit organization “dedicated to the fusion of art and advocacy…” especially for those “isolated by the challenges of addiction recovery, trauma, poverty, disability and mental illness.” Recently, Writers Without Margins joined forces with Wahl St. Productions to create a film called “In Their Shoes.” The film tells the stories of Zach, Stephen, Jean and Marcel. These four men tell their own stories, in their own words, about their participation in a “prison re-entry and addiction recovery creative writing program.” Continue reading “Writers Without Margins Gives Four Ex-Cons a Voice”

Her Last Year at UMPI


Picking out your home for the next four years can be hard.  For Brandy Smith, a senior PCJ major at UMPI, she didn’t find it hard at all. “So, I was the editor of my high school newspaper. I went to Mt. View High School and I wanted to major in journalism and I was looking and looking at NESCOM, and it was very expensive and complicated because it was part of Husson.  I decided to look elsewhere, and I checked out UMPI.  My friends and I came up and toured UMPI and I met Dr. J and thought it was a perfect fit,” Brandy said. Continue reading “Her Last Year at UMPI”

When Racing Dogs Bring a Community Together

Picture of the CAN-AM Sled Dog Races. Picture taken by Tiffany Smith.

March is the third month of the year.  It has 31 days, and is named after Mars, the Roman god of war.  But for Aroostook County, it is the month of the Can-Am Crown, the sled dog races in Fort Kent. Every year in the first week of March, all of Aroostook County gathers in Fort Kent for a weekend of excitement, friendships and dog races.

During this year’s race, there was a variety of racers from various U.S. States and Canadian provinces. Maine was represented by 16 racers divided between the three race categories of 30, 100 and 250 miles. Continue reading “When Racing Dogs Bring a Community Together”

The One Hundred Club

The Original Sleeper_s Store founded by Joseph Sleeper. Sleeper_s today is in the same location.

Sea turtles, mighty redwoods and the lucky koi fish.  The list of 100-year-old survivors is not long.  Sleeper’s market in Caribou passed the century milestone in 2014.  It now looks very different from the first store, but the service and the values remain.

Rooted firmly on the corner of Route 1 and Lyndon Street, the small store has been a hub for generations.  Caribou looked much different one hundred years ago. Continue reading “The One Hundred Club”

“The Love Is Still There” Daughters Affected by Breast Cancer

Jordan and Kathy Haddad

Jordan Haddad is a 22-year-old student and Maine resident. She spent most of her childhood being raised by her mother and father and arguing with her older and younger brothers.  Jordan’s life changed when her mother, Kathy, was first diagnosed with breast cancer when Jordan was around 10. Jordan’s older brother, John, was 12 and younger brother, Thomas, was 7. Continue reading ““The Love Is Still There” Daughters Affected by Breast Cancer”

Music in the Smallest of Places

Dream big!  That is what Adam Metzler did.  Adam is a high school band teacher for the Central Aroostook Jr./Sr. High School.  Here he would fulfill his dream.

“I’ve always dreamed of rebuilding a program from scratch.  It was small, but the enthusiasm was there,” Adam said.

The teacher before him drove the program into the ground.  Only six students were left to work with.  Interest in music was at its lowest point before Adam got the reins. Continue reading “Music in the Smallest of Places”

Historic Neighborhood Fights to Preserve Its Integrity

As the world continues to progress, many neighborhoods fight to preserve their character.  One such neighborhood is doing so by getting its land registered with its local historic registry.

Browne’s Addition is a small neighborhood where the past has mixed with the present. Considered by some to be the first Spokane suburb, Browne’s attracts many tourists. Three years ago, the neighborhood council members began working to get their district listed on the city’s register of historic places. Continue reading “Historic Neighborhood Fights to Preserve Its Integrity”