If the Club Fits, Wear It

UMPI’s business club ladies, smiling in a selfie

In a two-part presentation given by UMPI’s business club, attendees were given some helpful advice. Jessica Cameron, along with Elizabeth Butterfield, covered the first half titled “If the club fits.” Lauren Chapman and Madison Shaw concluded with their section titled “Wear It.” The four seniors, who are marching in May, were mentored by Stacey Emery. Continue reading “If the Club Fits, Wear It”

Theater Brings People Together for a Noble Cause

UMPI’s Wieden Hall auditorium was packed with spectators on Saturday, April 6, for a showing of John Cariani’s play: “Love/Sick.” Some of the money from the tickets goes toward renovations for the auditorium.

The play is written as nine short stories each involving two characters in a plot about love or mental illness. The mental illness is often satirical such as the “obsessive impulsive disorder.” That story involves two characters falling in love at first sight in a supercenter and hilariously failing to control their impulses to act on that love. The supercenter is mentioned in all of the stories as a running gag. The play itself brought the community of Presque Isle and others together for a night of laughter and enjoyment. There is a camaraderie among those involved with the performing arts in the area. Continue reading “Theater Brings People Together for a Noble Cause”

How Much Do We Pay for Electricity?

Evan Zarkadas explains his slides to the viewers of his presentation.

Electricity has become a necessity among many people today.  People use it to watch movies, charge up phones and be able to see in the dark.  Evan Zarkadas is a junior history major at the University of Maine at Presque Isle and chose this topic to be his presentation because he noticed that Maine has to pay higher prices for electricity. Our electricity doesn’t come from the United States, it comes from Canada.  “Maine is the eighth most expensive state for energy costs,” Evan said to the crowd of students. Continue reading “How Much Do We Pay for Electricity?”

Something for Everyone

Alex Kimball stands by his poster.

‘Twas the night before University Day and all through the campus, every creature was stirring–especially the presenters. The poster session this year was well attended, with the Multi-Purpose Room in the Campus Center packed with viewers and presenters. The posters were hung on the walls with care and their audiences came in waves with open minds and questions to ask. Continue reading “Something for Everyone”

Not Just a Counselor

Ralph McPhearson, the guidance counselor here at UMPI.

When finding a profession, there are many different pathways people can take. Sometimes it may not be what they were expecting, but in the end, they make it a lifelong career. This is the case for Ralph McPherson, who is a counselor for students at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. He is one of the main staff members on campus who helps students with problems that they may not be able to talk to anyone else about. Continue reading “Not Just a Counselor”

Season of Change

UMPI_s Emily Ward attacks the ball in victorious 3-0 game vs. Unity on Oct.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle’s women’s soccer team faced what could have been a major setback mid-season. Last season former coach, Trevor Parent, announced his resignation. Rallying together after the announcement, the team members pushed through a series of changes. Dan Kane, UMPI’s athletic director and head coach of the men’s basketball team, was there for the women when the news broke. Assuring the team that a temporary coaching staff would be assembled, Kane eagerly got to work. Continue reading “Season of Change”

A Night Full of Laughs and Entertainment During the Variety Show

The University of Maine at Presque Isle hosted its first ever Variety Show on Thursday, Feb. 28, at 6 p.m.  It was filled with several acts from students, faculty and staff. The show was hosted by Los Angeles-based comedian, actor and voice actor, Justin Rupple. Community members, faculty, staff and students filled Wieden Auditorium for a fun and entertaining night at UMPI. Continue reading “A Night Full of Laughs and Entertainment During the Variety Show”

A Not-So-Traditional Spring Break for UMPI Students

Carolinas Prepare As Hurricane Florence Approaches.

In the summer of 2018,  devastation swept through the Carolinas. The culprit? Hurricane Florence.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle has been organizing a volunteer trip in an effort to help communities in the Carolinas recuperate.

“The trip is about doing community service in an area that can not only help but expose students to different things they wouldn’t normally be exposed to,” Danfry Nieves, the AmeriCorps VISTA coordinator at UMPI, said. “I believe college should not just be about lectures and readings.” Continue reading “A Not-So-Traditional Spring Break for UMPI Students”



All people can feel a certain way when they are in an unfamiliar place that they have never been before, and it can have a great effect on them now and later in life. Maybe they are going for a vacation or maybe they are coming to a different country to come to school. This is the case for a lot of the students here at UMPI, who are from all different places in the world. One such case is junior Zhongyuyu Andrea Xiao, who has been here for three years now. Continue reading “Homecoming”

Are You Going to U Day?

A day for UMPI to shine, University Day allows students to share what they’ve been working so hard on with an audience. In addition, it allows community members to immerse themselves in what the University of Maine at Presque Isle does every day. Many unique and interesting presentation happen throughout the day that students put lots of effort and time into.  Fellow students and community members are invited to watch. Continue reading “Are You Going to U Day?”