Where Are the Students?

Violets Office

Ever since its inception in 1903, the University of Maine of Presque Isle’s staff has always tried to make the campus feel like a second home to its students. But with just over 1,400 students enrolled, it can be difficult to make everyone feel at home. The  staff members attempt to set up events all across campus to gather all of the students.  But, unfortunately, that sometimes does not work out as planned. Violet Washburn, the coordinator of campus engagement of the university for the past two years, has noticed this. Continue reading “Where Are the Students?”

8th Annual Think Pink Games Draw a Big Crowd

The Wieden Gymnasium, packed for the Think Pink games.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle’s 8th Annual Think Pink basketball games drew a huge crowd on Tuesday, Feb. 12 in the Wieden Gymnasium. Students, staff, faculty, community members and more attended the men’s and women’s basketball games held against UMPI rival, the University of Maine at Fort Kent. Spectators and players wore shades of pink to represent patients and survivors who were or still are battling cancer. The money raised during Think Pink games is donated to the American Cancer Society Continue reading “8th Annual Think Pink Games Draw a Big Crowd”

When UMPI Is the Place to Be

Who says video games are just for kids? Jennifer Ball’s favorite pastime is playing World of Warcraft or Diablo.  The second of three children, Jennifer grew up in Portage, Maine.  Though she doesn’t have any children of her own, she has always loved working with students. “Mainly just because I wanted to be able to interact with people on a regular basis,” Jen said. Jen got her position as an administrative specialist at the University of Maine at Presque Isle in January 2018.  “My job is to serve the housing and residence life associate director and the director of our health services,” Jen said.  Jen had been trying to land a position at UMPI for the last 12 to 15 years, wanting a job that allowed her to work with students and community members. Continue reading “When UMPI Is the Place to Be”

I Hate Being Transgender

“I began crying for no apparent reason. Not apparent to anyone else, anyways.”

Jon is 17 years old. He is 17 in every single way: mismatched converse, grim reaper T-shirt, skinny jeans and a mop of wavy golden hair. Like many high school seniors, Jon is navigating big choices. Where will he go to college? How much debt is he willing to take on? Should he pursue his passions or take the safer road? He does this while juggling classes, running cross-country, being the president of his school’s Gay-Straight Alliance group and giving himself hormone shots every other week. Continue reading “I Hate Being Transgender”

Cold Enough for You?


Life in northern Maine during the winter months can be brutal. With highs that sometimes don’t reach double digits, stepping outside can be a hard task. But for college students, attending school in a colder region could be leading them to earn better grades. Even if they have to put on 10 layers of clothing to go outside, most are up to the task. Students attending the University of Maine at Presque Isle are quite familiar with this process. Continue reading “Cold Enough for You?”

Snowball Dance Kicks Off the Semester at UMPI

Sarah Draper (left) and Tiffany Smith (right) pose for a picture at the Snowball

What better way to kick off the spring semester than with a night of dancing? Students at the University of Maine at Presque Isle brought out their finest suits and dresses for a night of dancing at the UMPI Snowball. As a part of UMPI’s first annual Winter Carnival, the Student Activities Office hosted a semi-formal dance to start the semester off with a bang. Continue reading “Snowball Dance Kicks Off the Semester at UMPI”

Inked: Students Share Their Tattoo Stories


College students use their clothes or style to express themselves, although many University of Maine at Presque Isle students are using a different form of art to show off their personalities with tattoos. Tattoos are not just permanent ink on someone’s skin. Tattoos can focus on student spirituality or symbolize something in their life. Tattoos can also represent a meaningful moment or story from student lives. Several UMPI students shared stories behind their tattoos and what they mean to them. Continue reading “Inked: Students Share Their Tattoo Stories”