Recognizing the Excellence that is UMPI

As we wrap up another academic year at UMPI, I am struck once again by what a great community this is!  Folks are mostly kind and helpful and hardworking–and their efforts often go unsung.  This semester, however, the excellent work of several individuals and the entire campus has been recognized by groups external to our campus.

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Guiding Others Through Their Journey

Tracy Rockwell, the current director of the Houlton higher education center, is one of those people who is welcoming and strives to work hard for the students. She takes pride in being an open ear for the them. She teaches classes for UMPI as well. Rockwell currently teaches first year seminar and business communication. She has also taught a human resource management class in the past. Rockwell has taught for UMPI since 2011.

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A Trip to Denver

Colorado might not be the first place that pops into your mind when you are planning a trip. But for Dr. Lisa Leduc’s criminal justice class, that was the destination. Leduc took a group of her students to Denver to visit the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences there. The students got to attend the 53rd Annual Meeting, and had some very valuable experiences during their stay. On April 20, they shared their experiences with the community during their University Day presentation.

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One Poster at a Time

Every year on University Day, UMPI students play a very different role than they usually do. For one day, they’re not just students. They become teachers to anyone who attends their presentations. The day always begins with a poster session in the Wieden Hall gymnasium. On Wednesday, April 20, students came armed with posters and knowledge. They were ready to show how anyone can “disrupt the status quo” and change the world for the better.

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How to Beat the Challenges of Traveling Abroad

For many people, traveling abroad is a dream that is never realized. There are a lot of factors why this might be: financial problems, fear of the unknown, language barrier, etc. While many wish to travel, many people never get over their doubts. Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us to stop worrying and go out and do it. Luckily, those who attended University Day were given such a wake-up call.

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Seniors Are Going Back to School

Kids go to school. College students go to school. Graduate school students go to school if it is necessary for the profession they have chosen. They do if it will prepare them professionally to enter the world of work. Or to pursue interests in more depth. Do retired people go to school? Yes, even though this seems to be disrupting the status quo. Their working days may be over and there may be no need to be educated for a career or earn a degree, they’re not necessarily done learning.

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The People Behind the Play

Here at UMPI, students have done great things on campus. They do research, projects or other work related to their major. But sometimes students get to go outside their comfort zones. Recently, a group of UMPI students did just that. They wrote plays and discovered a new love of theater. Friday, March 18, and Saturday, March 19, was when people got to see the results of the students’ hard work and new skills. These were the nights of UMPI’s first playwriting festival.

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