Wesleyan, Baptist and Catholic are some of the more common Christian religions that people hear of.  Unfortunately, for children who were Catholic, it wasn’t a good religion to be in.  A team of investigative journalists–Robby, Mike, Sacha and Matt–who work at The Boston Globe start working on a story about a Catholic priest molesting children.  Robby is the leader of them all and gives the other three the go ahead to look into it. Continue reading “Spotlight”

Three Reasons Why ‘All the President’s Men’ Is a Must Watch

One must watch movie that should be on your rainy day list this summer is “All the President’s Men.” This film follows two journalists– Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward– who risked their jobs, reputations and even their lives. The duo of dedicated journalists who write for the Washington Post report on the botched burglary at the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate office complex in D.C. This reporting eventually leads all the way to the president, prompting an investigation. Continue reading “Three Reasons Why ‘All the President’s Men’ Is a Must Watch”

All the President’s Men

Watergate.  A place some have heard of.  It was broken into by five armed robbers in the ‘60s.  The men were arrested and two reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post, were assigned to the case.  The men worked on it because they knew there was more to it than just an attempted robbery.  Woodward and Bernstein went to the houses of those who worked in the White House and tried to get some information on what was going on.  Sadly, most wouldn’t discuss it. Continue reading “All the President’s Men”

Criminal Justice Club Goes to Prison for Recreation and Education

Nov. 8-11 of 2018, members of UMPI’s Criminal Justice Club went to Philadelphia. They raised money for the trip with fundraising, selling survival kits and selling raffle tickets. On the trip, the students went to some of the city’s most famous locations. That included Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Philadelphia Zoo. Their University Day presentation focused on the haunted house attraction, “Terror Behind the Walls.” The attraction is at Philadelphia’s famous Eastern State Penitentiary.

The students were in groups of three. There are 150 actors as part of the six attractions. The attractions included escaping from a chainsaw wielding inmate, an infirmary, a machine shop, a crazy breakout, zombie inmates and a quarantine room. “I like how involved you were,” sophomore Zach Quint said. “They put me on a dentist table and pretended to clean my teeth,” freshman Devin Martin said. Continue reading “Criminal Justice Club Goes to Prison for Recreation and Education”

How Can the Hope and Justice Project Help You?

Bjorn Bartlett, Kathryn Murphy and Heidi Dockery working the Criminal Justice Club Table at lunch on University Day, hoping for college students to come and take their survey

The CRJ/SOC 358: Domestic Violence class put on an educational presentation on the Hope and Justice Project and their work for the organization. Instructor Lisa Leduc started off the presentation by informing the audience on what service learning is, a requirement for the criminal justice program. Continue reading “How Can the Hope and Justice Project Help You?”

Educational Technology: University Day Presentation

Stacy Landry, Tamielee Sutherland, and Emma Lajoie smile after their presenation.

Education students Stacy Landy, Emma Lajoie and Tamielee Sutherland presented their work on Educational Technology to Enrich Teaching and Learning during UMPI’s 18th annual University Day. Throughout the presentation, the women discussed the importance of technology in the classroom and how it affects the students, teachers and parents. Continue reading “Educational Technology: University Day Presentation”

What Can’t She Do?


When we think of the term “superwoman,” we often conjure thoughts of a masked crusader fighting crime or of someone with incredible strength or superintelligence. Of course, these people are few and far between and if they do exist, we probably don’t know them personally. That being said, it may come as a surprise that there is a “superwoman” on the UMPI campus and her name is Pamela Easler. Pam, as she is often referred to, does not possess typical super powers. What she does possess is the ability to take on any challenge that comes into her life and overcome it. “Many of the UMPI community may be aware of how hard a worker Pam is.  But I think many of them have no idea the number of remarkable things she has accomplished in her life,” Dr. Jacqui Lowman, who teaches Professional Communication and Journalism at UMPI, said. “She really is an amazing person.” Continue reading “What Can’t She Do?”