North Maine Woods Working to Increase Usage Among Young People

     North Maine Woods is a land management company that oversees the recreational use of more than 3.5 million acres of forestlands.  Private individuals, as well as private industrial companies, own these forestlands.  There are roughly 155 townships within the boundaries of the North Maine Woods. Continue reading “North Maine Woods Working to Increase Usage Among Young People”

Wind Turbine Fire

On April 1, 2018, the UMPI wind turbine experienced a fire that consequently caused a two-hour power outage to most of campus. All safety mechanisms performed as designed. UMPI facilities staff, local first responders and staff from Emera Maine responded immediately. A team of thermal event experts from Montana arrived within two days and started an investigation into the cause of the incident. UMPI hopes to have a report within the next several weeks that will inform next steps regarding the turbine.

Loneliest Stretch of Road

     Most people living in the county have found themselves driving on isolated roads at one time or another.  Some roads seem to go on forever, surrounded by nothing but trees.  One road in particular has earned a ghoulish reputation.  Route 2A runs through the Haynesville Woods in southern Aroostook County.  At one time, this road was one of the only options for travelling south to Bangor from northern Maine.  Known for its sharp turns and lack of traffic or houses, Route 2A was a source of anxiety for many truckers in the 20th century.  Its dangerous reputation was immortalized by country music artist Dick Curless with his song, “Tombstone Every Mile.”  Curless details how dangerous this lonely expanse was for the truckers hauling potatoes south along that “ribbon of ice” in the winter.  Continue reading “Loneliest Stretch of Road”

A Day to Celebrate Mexican Culture

     The well-known Mexican holiday known as Cinco de Mayo is a time for Hispanic culture to be celebrated all around the world. Every year on May 5, Mexicans join hands to honor the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on that day in 1862.

     Cinco de Mayo is a time for all Mexicans and Mexican-Americans to reminisce and celebrate the freedom they now have because of the brave soldiers who fought in 1862. There are many ways to celebrate this special day. Parades, food, music and thousands of fiestas are held during Cinco de Mayo. All through the United States, Mexican-Americans hold gatherings and events celebrating their culture. Events such as the Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles are held every year. The Fiesta Broadway attracts over 100,000 people as Americans march the streets in pride of Mexico. Continue reading “A Day to Celebrate Mexican Culture”

The Next Vacation Spot

     All of this cold weather has me thinking about taking a vacation.  I really want to head to some place warm and with no snow outside the window.  A place were all my worries would be hundreds of miles away.  If you feel like this too, I know where we can go.  Let’s start making our plans to go to the Aurora Station.

     Orion Span founder and CEO Frank Bunger unveiled the Aurora Station concept on April 5 at the Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose, Calif.  What is the Aurora Station?  It is a new hotel that is expected to be the premier destination for space tourists.  The Aurora Station will be launched into low Earth orbit in late 2021.  The reservation counter is now open for rooms beginning in 2022.  Continue reading “The Next Vacation Spot”

Northern Star: Not Just a Competition

     Every year, a talent competition is held called the Northern Star. This talent competition gives people of all ages, in the town of Presque Isle, the chance to perform in front of an audience. This year was no exception, and the audience was amazed at the talent on display.

     The Northern Star competition has been around for a while now. Starting 14 years ago, the competition became known across the county. Now it has competitions in Fort Kent, Houlton and, of course, Presque Isle. Continue reading “Northern Star: Not Just a Competition”

Patriots’ Day: What’s It All About?

     Whether elementary school students, college students, business professionals or soccer moms, history is often a blurry subject for many.  Basic historical facts should be stored in  memory banks ready to be brought to our lips when summoned.  New England is the old stomping grounds for much of U.S. history.  A lot of what happens today is a result of what started on April 19, 1775. Continue reading “Patriots’ Day: What’s It All About?”

Internet Memes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

     Millions of people see them every day.  Alyssa Ryan and Kayla Symonds are among those millions.  Alyssa is a 36-year-old mother, homemaker and professional career woman.  Kayla is a 16-year-old high school student. Both are users of social media and both like memes.   Kayla said, “I love memes!” Continue reading “Internet Memes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Bombs to Biodiversity

ammunitions maintenance building

     Loring Air Force base was originally named Limestone Army Air Field, located in northern Maine in Limestone, not far from the Canadian border.  In 1954, President Eisenhower presented the widow of Major Charles Joseph Loring, Jr., USAF, with his Medal of Honor and announced that the new Air Force Base in Maine would be named in his honor for his noble spirit, superlative courage and conspicuous self-sacrifice.  Major Loring was killed instantly when he maneuvered his damaged aircraft into enemy artillery batteries at Sniper Ridge, North Korea, saving countless numbers of United Nations ground forces. Continue reading “Bombs to Biodiversity”

Keeping an Eye Out for the Eyes

Cataract surgury being preformed. The most common type of eye eurgery.

     Ever been to the eye doctor and wondered what it must be like to work and specialize on such a delicate and intricate organ? Think it might be interesting to possibly pursue a career in?  Or just want to be able to know a little something about the subject to impress the doctor the next time an eye appointment comes around? If so, then here’s some knowledge straight from the horse’s mouth itself: local ophthalmologist Mark Morin. Continue reading “Keeping an Eye Out for the Eyes”