A Night Filled With Music

The Northern Maine Chamber Orchestra members putting on their fall concert

    UMPI got a treat on Sunday night, Nov. 12. The Northern Maine Chamber Orchestra members put on their annual fall concert in front of a very eager audience. It took place at 7 in the multi-purpose room of the Campus Center. The ensemble performed several pieces, from a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem to the “1812 Overture.” It is sure to be a night that many will remember for years to come. Continue reading “A Night Filled With Music”

An Unconventional Journey

UMPI Senior Chelsey Briggs is photographed on one of her sojourns

     On Nov. 16, at 7 p.m., UMPI welcomed student Chelsey Briggs to the Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room to speak on her experiences and life’s journey. The event was part of the university’s Distinguished Lecturer Series. Briggs, a senior in the education program, was introduced by Wendi Malenfant, UMPI associate professor of early childhood education, and then she delivered her presentation entitled “An Unconventional Journey.” Continue reading “An Unconventional Journey”

Rice’s Ruminations Why Teaching Isn’t a 9-5 Job at UMPI and Why That’s a Very Good Thing!

     I’ve been thinking a great deal over the past several weeks about what I am thankful about for having worked at UMPI for over 20 years now in several different roles—professor, provost, now president.  And as I was thinking about what to write for this end-of-the-semester issue, I looked through columns I had written for the University Times many years ago (I wrote a column for several years that I called “Notes from a Mad English Professor,” thinking that I was quite witty at the time—oh well…).  And one I found is worth reprinting in part because it was about what it was like to teach at UMPI—and why teaching here was at times different from other institutions and why that was a very good thing.  Reading it over again this afternoon, some 15 years later (!), reminds me of how important, how challenging and how rewarding teaching is at UMPI.  And how much I admire the faculty here at UMPI who, day in and day out, do even more than I recorded all those years ago… Continue reading “Rice’s Ruminations Why Teaching Isn’t a 9-5 Job at UMPI and Why That’s a Very Good Thing!”

Laughing at What Unites Us

Comedian Dulcé Sloan brings laughter to Wieden Auditorium on November 18.

     It was a night of laughs in Wieden auditorium on the night of Nov. 18. With a dusting of snow on the ground, comedian Dulcé Sloan, clad in an oversized Cabela’s zip-up hoodie and boots, traveled all the way from New York City to Presque Isle to bring some comedy to northern Maine. Continue reading “Laughing at What Unites Us”

Discover UMPI

Visitors to UMPI learn about the university.

     On Nov. 18 Discovery Day brought many prospective students to campus to learn about and experience what going to the University of Maine at Presque Isle entails. The day was a chance for interested people and their families to come to UMPI and get a sense of what the school has to offer and also to ask any questions about UMPI or college in general. Continue reading “Discover UMPI”

Getting UMPI on a Roll


Students and members of the community enjoy their time skating

       On Nov. 16, half of the basketball court in Gentile Hall became a roller skating rink!  The UMPI Student Activities Office, with the help of Neon Entertainment, orchestrated the event.  Roller skating was free for UMPI students and open to the community. Skates were also available at no cost.    Continue reading “Getting UMPI on a Roll”

The Dark, Damp Pursuit of Misty Munchies

Several slugs happily consume the flesh of an abandoned jack o’ lantern.


  It’s late evening in early November.  After day of rain, campus is teeming with wildlife looking for dinner.  The remains of a carved pumpkin from Halloween sit in the woods to decompose.  Slugs happily feed on the softened pumpkin flesh.  A wet carpet of decomposing leaves makes the forest floor the perfect environment for these soft-bodied mollusks.  Slugs will eat just about anything that grows in a garden and are considered to be pests.  These slugs are grateful for their nutritious meal and help dispose of the rotting pumpkin. Continue reading “The Dark, Damp Pursuit of Misty Munchies”

The AmeriCorner Spotlights Sara Packard, Exceptional Leader and Athlete

UMPI student Sara Packard excels academically and athletically. She has a fantastic GPA and she is a two-time USCAA Softball All-American.


    This month’s Student Spotlight features UMPI student Sara Packard. Sara is from Saint Albans, Maine. She is a senior and she studies athletic training, with a minor in physical education. Continue reading “The AmeriCorner Spotlights Sara Packard, Exceptional Leader and Athlete”