Student Activities Office

Welcome to the Student Activities Office!

Do you want to:

  • try rock climbing in Acadia National Park?
  • spend hours laughing with your friends as you travel to a conference out of state?
  • listen to a group make music with only their mouths?
  • have in depth and thought provoking conversations with other students and faculty about various issues?
  • build your resume?
  • dress up in a crazy costume?
  • experience the success and joy of pulling off a fantastic event?
  • spend time in the community helping someone in need?
  • become a strong leader?
  • run away from Zombies?
  • be inspired by a distinguished lecturer who has created amazing art or overcome immense obstacles?
  • make a difference?
  • have fun?

All of these opportunities and more are available to you by getting involved on campus!

Challenge yourself by traveling to Acadia National Park with the Outing Club and climbing a rock wall! Join a Student Group for the opportunity to have amazing conversations, help those in need, and travel to conferences to learn more about your major or interest! Attend one of the many Student Activities Office events to hear an a cappella group, run from zombies at UMPI’s 1st Zombie Apocalypse, beat the competition in building a gingerbread house, and more! By being involved and engaged on campus, you’ll be more successful both in and out of the classroom! So don’t wait, get involved today! 


Engage. Empower. Enrich.

Get involved, join a student group, attend a cultural presentation, try something new!

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