IT training sessions this fall in the Library Conference Room

With the start of the semester just around the corner, we wanted to remind everyone of the return for another semester of IT training sessions to answer your questions on the use of technology at UMPI. This is a great way to ask questions, try out software you have been wondering about, or generally become more familiar with what is available to you. We especially encourage new students to stop in for one of the sessions. The sessions are drop in and are scheduled Monday through Friday from 2-3pm in the Library Conference Room during the fall semester.

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Student email migration to GMail update

From UMS-ITS operations:

We have classified the mailboxes we will be migrating into 2 groups, those that are used regularly (active) and those that are not (inactive). We want to communicate clearly and directly with regular users. Those that are not regular users will not see the communications anyway, though we will still leave some mail for them so they know what has happened.

It’s also important to know that we will be migrating all accounts except regular employee accounts. So it will be students (even if employed in a student position), retirees, people with guest accounts (like vendors or contractors). Regular employees who are taking classes will not be moved.

We expect to begin migrating mailboxes next week (maybe a little earlier for the in-active mailboxes). The process by which this happens will be:

– Notification to active users that their mailbox will be moved about a
week before moving. They will be given the actual date. No notification for
inactive mailboxes.
– On the appointed day, the GA mailbox is created and the forward set (if
no forward is currently set) so that new mail is delivered to GA. The
migration (copy) of mail from Horde/IMAP to GA is queued and will begin
– A final email is ‘stuffed’ into the Horde/IMAP mailbox to tell them
their mail has been migrated and to give them instructions how to access it.
This will also catch POP/IMAP users.
– About 30 days after migration the Horde/IMAP mailbox will be deleted.

Please note a couple other important things:

– Migration of mail is a background process and may take several days
before all mail has been moved. We have no good way at present to know when
this ends, but the self-service page at
has an indicator of whether the migration is pending or started and when it
started. The change from Horde/IMAP to GA is quick so it’s very likely some
users will connect to find no or little of their mail in GA. We will warn
them about this, but I’m sure you’ll hear about it too!
– If a user goes to to access Horde after they have been
migrated they will be intercepted by a page that tells them they have been
migrated and how to get to their mail. They can continue on to Horde if they
so choose. (This support is not in place today but will be next week.)
– Those who have forwarded their mail to non UMS mailboxes (yahoo, gmail
and so on) will usually look inactive to us. They will also get a GA account
as outlined above but we will not touch their forwarding. They will continue
to receive mail wherever they have forwarded it. They are welcome to use GA,
of course, and can do so by adjusting their forwards on the self-service

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BizHub unit available in library for faculty and staff

We’ve added a black and white BizHub unit in the library for use by the faculty and staff. It is located next to the other printers on the first floor of the library. Printing, copying and scanning services are available.

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Changes to network storage at UMPI

On July 1, 2009, Computer Services will be changing the student drive letter mappings. This means that the students who have been using H: as their personal storage space will now need to use N:. All files that students have stored will be unaffected.

Staff and faculty will be unaffected.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Computer Services at x9626.

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Student Mail Service

During this summer, all UMS student email accounts will be migrated from the current Horde/IMAP system to Google Apps, Google’s world-renowned web-based email, calendar and documents software. This will allow you to access your email, calendar and documents from a web browser, to share and collaborate in new ways, and to store large amounts of information at Google.

These new options result from a recent partnership between the University of Maine System and Google.

Google Apps offers:
A robust web-based interface for mail, calendars and documents
A large and expanding quota for storage – currently 7GB
Personal, shared and public calendars
Integrated chat

When your account is migrated to Google Apps, the mail on our UMS mail server will be transferred to Google.

Your email address will not change as a result of this change to Google Apps. And you will continue to log into your mail with your UMS Username and password. Any email forwards you have set will not be affected, nor will your access to Mainestreet.

Final plans are being put into place, and you will receive more information as these plans are finalized. Updates will also be posted on the web and available from

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New Service

Please go this link to make a cart reservation and to see the calendar for already scheduled events, go to

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Computer Labs

We are starting this blog to provide you with information about the labs and other technology on campus. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Our new site

Welcome to our new blog for what is happening with IT here at UMPI. We hope to use this blog to keep you better informed of what is happening with IT changes here on campus. Comments are always welcome.

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